Tyresoles Warranty Policy and Scope


TWO YEARS from the date of invoice against any such failures arising out of defective material & workmanship only.

These warranty includes, tread seperation, patch seperation, channel crack, tread joint failures, poor finishing or blunt design under normal operating conditions.

The warranty does not include:


Tyres under claim will be settled on prorata basis only i.e % of unused tread depth.

Credit note will be issued for the prorata amount.

Eg: if a tyre comes under claim after 30% of tread wearing, then either a creditnote will be raised for 70% of retreading amount or a tyre will be processed with 70% of retreading amount.


TYRESOLES will not be responsible for any consequential damages arising as a result of claim tyre.

The maximum compensation will be limited to the invoice value of the tyre.


Air in the casing is covered for one month from the date of invoice. However, compensation is limited to retreading value only & not casing value.

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